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10th SLC 2014 Results!

Congratulations all the winners! See you all on 6th July, Sunday!

Congratulations also to all franchisees, course instructors, and parents.


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Will the snaps of winners be uploaded on website for us to download it?

When u declare the result , please declare the achieved score of champion and grand champion

Dear Mr Birju it was decided in Franchisee meeting held on Mount Abu dtd. 17th Feb 2014. that the result will be declare after one week. And every franchisee who attended that meeting know about it.

i don't understand why final results are delay.
I think this is funny discussion from ucmas.

Is ucmas competition is fair? why three days delay ? Unhappy with type of conduct?parent from ucmas center should be involved in checking.

Mr Snehal , u need to understand parents and student's
Eagerness to know the result ... I don't say why u
Kept final ranks for 6 th July ! If it was decided then students parents
And each franchise should know about it..
You should have told on Saturday itself that final
Result will be declared on 6 th
I must have cheaked UCMAS site more than
70 times since yest morning ....
Really upset with such childish decision of such
International institute....

Dear Parents, Franchisees, and Course Instructors,

Whereas we appreciate your dissatisfaction on this 3-days time we took to upload the result, let us take this opportunity to inform you that the complete result was ready the day the competition ended. However we took our time to properly recheck the papers and ensure complete fairness to all the students.

Rest assured the result now declared has been thoroughly verified and is at the best of our capability and knowledge.

Congratulations once again to all concerned.

See you soon!

Snehal Karia, CEO
UCMAS Gujarat, India, Canada, and USA

Please update the results as early as possible....

on which day result will be declared ?????????

Why result not out yet ?


12th SLC 2016 @ Sama Indoor Sports Stadium, Vadodara