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Year 2016: Well Performing Franchisees & Well Performing CIs

Every year we felicitate some franchisees and course instructors of Gujarat based on certain difficult criteria. These franchisees and course instructors have worked hard throughout the year and have successfully delivered the UCMAS program to the parents who trusted their students with the UCMAS institution.

We however would like to add that every franchisee and course instructor in Gujarat are trained by the UCMAS India Chief Moderator and stringent technical audits are conducted to ensure that the best delivery of the program is ensured.

We would like to thank all the franchisees and CIs for the support extended to our office and also for ensuring that the quality and name of this wonderful UCMAS program is never adversely affected. Thank you parents for choosing UCMAS as the program to develop your child's cognitive skills and also enhance their confidence and self reliance.

Click here for the list of Well Performing Course Instructors of UCMAS Gujarat

Click here for the list of Well Performing Franchisees of UCMAS Gujarat

Congratulations to all the winners!

Team UCMAS Gujarat

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12th SLC 2016 @ Sama Indoor Sports Stadium, Vadodara